Risk Assessment of DD/MR Adult Male Sex Offenders

February 16, 2012
  • No validated risk assement tools for DD/MR sex offenders at this tiime
  • Some limited research using the STATIC-99 and RRASOR with DD/MR sex offenders
    • STATIC-99 more overestimate risk
    • RRASOR may be more accurate tool for DD/MR sex offenders
  • Actuarial tools should be used as a "risk baseline" in these particular risk assessments
  • Few cases warrant the use of the Hare PCL-R
    • Few DD/MR sex offenders are "psychopathic" as measured by the PCL-R
    • Their Factor One variables are weak becaues of their intellectual disability


  • DD/MR Sex Offender Risk Assessment Steps:
    • Complete the RRASOR
    • PCL-R ifclient shows psychopathic traits
    • Determine baseline risk level using scores from RRASOR (and PCL-R if needed)
    • Determine treatment intensity
    • Determine supervision intensity
    • Assess dynamic risk factors (both stable and acute)
    • Determine manageability level based on dynamic risk factors


  • The risk baseline influences risk management decisions over time protecting both the public and the offender from overly optimistic risk management prognosis 

Boer, D.P., Tough, S., & Haaven, J. (2004). Assessment of Risk Manageability of Intellectually Disabled Sex Offenders. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities. 17, 275-283.

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