Does Treatment Volunteerism Effect Recidivism?

October 2, 2013

Grady, Edwards, Pettus-Davis, and Abramson (2012) found that sex offenders who volunteerd for participation in sex offender treatment did not demonstrate any difference in recidivism rates when compared to sex offenders who did not volunteer to participate in treatment. Meaning, an offender's proclaimed wish to particiapte in treatment does not translate into a reduction in rates of recidivism.


These authors also found that static risk factors, as reflected in the STATIC-99, were associated with a more frequent and quicker return to DOCfor either a non-violent crime or a sex crime.


Sex offenders who were older when they were first arrested were associated with a decreased risk for non-violent or violent crimes.


In addition, the type of crime that resulted in the incarceration had an effect on the hazard ratio for recidivism. Sex offenders convicted of offenses against a child are more likely to recidivate and recidivate more quickly for non-violent crimes.

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